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How To Keep The Arthritis Pain Low

Arthritis pain can be a terrible feeling. Mostly the pain comes in the knees and other joints. When you are an arthritis patient, it is difficult to go on in day to day activities without proper treatment. Here are few ways to keep the pain low.

Take painkillers

It is the most popular way to keep the pain low, however taking more dosage of pain killers than what is required can damage other organs. It is important that you take the painkillers along with proper exercise and physiotherapy. There are many different types of pain killers. Based on the intensity of your pain the doctor must have prescribed a suitable dose for you. Other than that there are natural pain killers like taking chamomile tea and various other herbs as a pain killer. But before you do any home remedies make sure to check with a doctor.

Manage your Weight

Most of the arthritis patient suffers from obesity. If you are overweight make sure that you undergo a proper diet and exercise and keep the extra fat off. The excess weight is directly putting a pressure on the joints and the pain can be severe if you are overweight. If you are unable to do exercises, go through a proper diet and if you are unable to figure out a proper meal plan you can always go to a dietician and get sorted at sports injury clinic.

Regular treatments

Regular treatments include checkups, physiotherapy at Hampton, exercises and other medications. If you have bad episodes of pain, it is a must to undergo regular treatments as the doctors advised. Most of the patients just go few times and pain is reduced they stop going for treatments, this leads to severe pain later on. For example therapy needs to done regularly to maintain the pain of the joints and to maintain the muscle movements. If you don’t move at all because of the pain, then it leads to numbness in the muscles.

Hot and cold therapy

This is a type of treatment that you can do at home. All you need is a water balloon or a pouch that you can purchase from a pharmacy. After a long tiring day at work or outside you can either heat the pouch or freeze it and keep on the knee or the problem area to sooth it. Most people use this as a home remedy for the pain. However if you have continues pain it is better to see a doctor and get medications. Arthritis pain can be very dangerous and if not treated properly can cause severe joint damage.

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