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3 Healing Tips To Help You While You Deal With Your Injuries

on May 17, 2016

No matter what anyone says; having an injury sucks. Really, we are not going to even think of arguing with you. Regardless to if it’s an injury related to sports, an injury that found its way into your life while you were doing your day-to-day work, or even an injury you earned saving someone’s life; if you are hurt enough to be stuck at home, or worse, stuck in bed; then we feel your pain!

The world of medicines has improved a lot, and they have medicines and cures for all kinds of injuries. The only thing they cannot provide; is the healing which time has to do on its own.

But is there anything else that you can do to make your healing faster? Is there anything besides medicines and letting time heal you; that you yourself can do? Isn’t this a question you’ve asked yourself?

The answer is; yes—and we’ve put together some of those things below, hoping that it’ll help you get a speedy recovery.

Throw out the negative feelings!

Recovery blues are common among patients. Regardless to if you are at home, or if you’re hospital bound, that feeling of helplessness can become a real problem if you don’t try to nip it at the beginning. Think of it this way; you’re alive, and you are healing–perhaps slowly, but change is inevitable. Having a positive mind set will help you heal a lot more than you think. Having negative thoughts generally result in sleepless nights; which in turn slows the healing process of the body. So throw away the negative; right out of the closest window you can find!

Get all the outside help that you need.

Getting help is the last thing in your mind, we know. But what if it helps heal you? If you know any osteopaths or masseurs, then get your doctor’s permission to get their help. Most osteopaths in Melbourne and masseurs are trained to help heal injuries, and in the least, will be able to provide a little medicine free relief for the body.

Don’t disregard the help of family members as well. As much as it may embarrass you, you might need help in cleaning up your house, and perhaps even help cleaning you, depending on the nature of your injury. Put aside the embarrassment, and think of all the good a warm bath and a clean house can do.

Bring in the sunshine.

Fresh air is important, for your mind and body. If it’s possible, open up all your windows and let the sun shine into the room. If your injuries (and your doctor) permits, take a walk to brighten up your mood. If you can do this with a friend or a family member, it’s even better. Friends and family provide sunshine for the heart; so don’t push them away. Remember, as much as you are suffering with your injuries and feelings of helplessness, they too are suffering; being unable to do anything to ease your pain and frustration. Is it really fair that you push them away, then?

Eat well, keep yourself hydrated; and get well soon…!

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