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Starting Over? Avoiding The Hard Pain

dietingStarting over, something that I am sure you’ve done before many times. You start a workout plan and a nutrition plan for the nth time, all is good. Then something happens, you fall off the wagon and you stay off the wagon for months. You start over but each time it is more painful then the last time, finally you give up. You start to hold on instead to all kinds of stories,

  • “This is the story of my life, i’ve been going back and forth with this weight for 10 years.”
  • “Maybe this is my ideal weight”
  • I just can’t resist sweets, cakes and all.”
  • “If my significant other didn’t leave me, I wouldn’t fall into a depression and gain 50 pounds.”

Whatever the story is, I am sure they are valid points and true but the one thing you never get holding on to the story is happiness.  You settle for being less than your true potential and when you are asked how you are doing, “You are getting by”, “You’re ok”. Alone you are not OK, because each pound that doesn’t go off hurts, each day that goes by with zero progress hurts, every time you start over your body hurts.

Believe me, I feel your pain and I want to share with you my recipe for avoiding the pain of starting over.  DON’T EVER STOP.  I realize that many times starting a new workout plan and nutrition plan, the expectation is that I will get it right from the beginning, that I will never ever ever fail, that somehow the road to success – losing the extra inches – is an easy one.  NOT TRUE.  Expect to fail, expect to have road blocks – life, circumstances, money problems, injuries.  Expect them not to be pessimistic but to not be taken by surprise when it happens and to have a plan to avoid the pain.

Never Stop

When you start a workout plan and start over, your body hurts each time your start over.  The guilt of stopping just keeps pilling up and your frustration gets stronger and stronger because months, years went by and there your are 10 or 20 pounds heavier than the last time you started.  But if you just keep going you reach this threshold and your body doesn’t hurt anymore, you start to lose some inches around the waist, your energy level is better, you can now do 10 perfect push-ups, you are eating healthier.  Avoid the pain by not only NEVER STOPPING but also by FOCUSING ON YOU SUCCESSES.

Focus on Your Successes

Focus on your successes no matter how small because success brings success.  Thinking about them can only motivate you to have more small successes because

“You invariably and inevitably move toward the strongest impression in your mind.” ~Zig Ziglar

Yes it’s only half a pound, 1 inch, half a mile, 2 pounds in 1 month, but it is a success. Focussing on the other 3 pounds you didn’t make will only attract more failure because failure is the center of your attention.

So do yourself a favor today by avoiding the pain of starting over

  • Don’t ever stop
  • Focus on your successes no matter how small

Until next time, spread the love…

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