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Behind The Screen Of Plastic Surgeons

on March 3, 2016

Being a plastic surgeon can be a hectic life (even if you make lots of money). Sometimes you actually get the wonderful times where you get to save the appearance of someone who actually needs plastic surgery, like a burn victim or a victim of acid attacks, but in most cases you are confused with a cosmetic surgeon and people end up asking how many people come to you for Botox. So here are some ideas that those who are contemplating cosmetic surgery can learn from the thoughts of a plastic surgeon.

•         Do not come to me with ridiculous requests

For the burn victims and slash victims, it is actually a service we are doing since they are actually in need of making their face look normal. When perfectly good looking people come to you and ask for a lip enhancement to look like Angelina Jolie, then we know that it is going to be one of those patients who will end up being a nagger even after the surgery because the surgery was not done right. And then one year down the road it will be hate letters and hate encounters where the patient comes and yells about their looks getting worse. Sometimes we even end up recommending ridiculous requests to the nearest salon since getting you to look less grumpy does not require you to spend several grand and a brow lift.

•         The crazy parents

When the kid ends up getting a cut from falling on the ground and then parents are calling from the ER to call us to stitch up their kid (not even getting a surgery mind you) then we just end up explaining that there is nothing different from the way the ER doctor stitches up their kid or the way we do it. Every doctor stitches up a kid the same way. And just because we are called plastic surgeons does not make us fairy godmothers and godfathers.

•         Sometimes going for over-the-counter options work

In cases where the patient just wants the puffiness of under eye areas and a lip enhancement Sydney and such, over-the-counter alternatives like eyelid-lift creams and firming serums are better alternatives. You would only require extensive actual surgery if you have a chronic issue and not something that came over that morning after night drinking with friends. Yes sometimes leeches are used in reconstructive surgery to salvage a cosmetic surgery gone bad, and reattach limbs that are about to die because of blood clotting or blood flow issues. And yes, cosmetic surgery effects can sometimes be temporary.

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