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How Committed Are You To Losing Weight?

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Lose weight text with measure tape and fruits

You asked your girlfriend how she lost all her weight, you did your research on Google, you bought the latest diet book, yet still no results. There is a significant difference between searching for a weight loss plan on Google, buying  DVD sets that promise result in 60 days, and actually getting results. But how committed are you to start getting real results, and lose the weight for good? It wasn’t that the product was bad, YOU didn’t really want to lose weight.  What you are doing, and how you are using the information you have is not working.

Searching for your next weight loss savior on Google, Facebook or just asking a person who has done it before is not the same as using a personal trainer and lifestyle coach.  There are a lot of people talking about the best shakes, and  workouts that will produce the best result but their weight never seems to improve.

What are you willing to do to lose weight?

I’ve met several people who say they want to lose weight, the last 10 pounds that seems to be going on and off, “This time it’s for real, it’s now or never”.  Once I explain to them what it will require and how much it will cost to be their coach, the excuses come rolling in.

  • “I can’t really afford this right now. I’m on a tight budget.”
  • “I have a problem, once I start, somehow I keep falling off the wagon.”
  • “Can you just tell me what I should be eating and the kind of exercise I should be doing?  I am pretty good at doing those things by myself.”
  • “I get so busy that I have no time left to exercise and sometimes I forget to eat.”

What I know for sure is that when you make a decision to get something that means a lot to you, nothing gets in you way and you find a way to make it happen. Change will start to happen when you are drowning in your own excuses, and you get disgusted with yourself holding on to them every chance you get. Your time, money and effort are spent on what matters to you: vacation, cable, shopping, nice cars with huge monthly payments.  You find a way to add those things to your budget because you NEED them?  ” Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” (Luke 12:34) How precious are YOU  to YOU?

Can you lose weight on your own?

If you’ve tried to do it on your own countless times and you didn’t succeed the answer is “You cannot do it on your own, stop the insanity, stop the scale madness,  and get a coach.” A lifestyle coach is an expert with the heart of a teacher who will teach you better eating and exercise habits.  A person who will call you on your your B*** S*** and keep you accountable until you actually make yourself a priority and truly commit to living a healthy lifestyle and stop being on a diet.   Examine your past efforts and be honest with yourself on why whatever you tried did not work. Switching from one thing to the next doesn’t work because you carry yourself and those bad habits you’ve carefully built over the years with you into the new program.  You cannot break yourself free with only YOU in your support system. So adding a lifestyle coach and personal trainer to your team is a valuable asset.

So what are you waiting for, what is truly stopping you and how committed are you to losing weight?


Until next time, spread the love…


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