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Different Procedures That Are Part Of The Artificial Insemination Method

on May 5, 2016

There are several kinds of procedures that couples need to go through if they wish to take up the artificial insemination method. From eggs being harvested to sperms being collected and cultured, embryos being produced and implanted in the uterus, there are several other side steps and procedures that need to be done along with hosts of medical tests before a single cycle is completed. In case the first cycle is unsuccessful, the second and third cycles see repeats of the procedures and some additional steps as well.

Different tests involved

When one opts for the ivf method, there are a series of tests that need to be gone through. The initial stages include studies of the male and female reproductive systems and general health conditions in order to determine the causes of infertility or the reasons for which a couple is unable to conceive naturally. These usually comprise of blood tests, hormonal tests and others. The tests will determine certain underlying conditions which might have to address before the procedure can begin. Whether it is low sperm count in the man or hormonal conditions in the woman, the initial tests help a fertility expert to determine the chances of success that a couple will gain through the artificial insemination method.

Injections and procedures

Women who are diagnosed with hormonal imbalances need to be injected with the right substances or drugs to put back the balance in their endocrinal system before the procedures can begin. These are steps that are taken before pregnancy can be opted for. The development of healthy eggs is the main aim of the initial part of the ivf acupuncture method and all imbalances needs to be removed accordingly. This ivf acupuncture is just one type of chinese medicine. To know more about the chinese medicine, just click this link

Different tests done

During the different stages of the artificial insemination procedure, different tests are done like the trans vaginal or the trans abdominal as well as ultrasound tests which are part of the monitoring stage of the entire procedure. The embryos that are implanted need to be monitored with their progress in order to determine whether conception has taken place. Even after pregnancy is confirmed, the tests are continued to monitor the progress of fetal growth through study of the heart tones.

The costs involved

The artificial insemination procedure is not only costly for the drugs that are used in order to prepare the woman’s body for pregnancy, the tests and other procedures that are part of the method are also expensive. As a result, the total cost of a traditional artificial insemination method becomes quite high. For that reason many opt for the micro version of the artificial insemination method in order to opt for a more cost friendly procedure.

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