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Do you really Want it or Are You Still Wishing For it?

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I had an Aha! moment this week where again it is proven that new year resolutions JUST DON’T WORK.  Last week I heard:

  • “Getting rid of the fat for good this year I mean it.”
  • “I have to do this,I know that I need to make time for the gym and I will.”
  • “I really am tired of the extra weight”
  • “It’s now or never.”

All part of a new resolutions sentences to lose weight and to start immediately.  Well this week I heard

  • That’s too expensive
  • I am really trying but it’s hard
  • I cheated only a little
  • I don’t know why I can’t get back on track, I am doing my best (really that’s your best?)

Please understand I don’t want to sound critical because I found myself doing the same until an Aha moment!

What was my aha! moment?

My aha! moment was that unless I really wanted to take full advantage of 2012 and not waste it in the land of excuses and wondering, I had to stop making resolutions and start taking actions.  Stop wishing and really want it badly like my 4 year old’s life depended on it.

I observed this week talking with some folks what was really missing was that most people said they wanted to lose weight, but did not want it bad enough to take actions and remain consistent with whatever plan they started.  They were stuck in WISHING FOR IT. Yes most of YOU like I WAS are wishing for it. What does WISHING FOR IT look or sound like:

  • If you started a weight loss plan last week you
    are cheating by now
    you feel this is too hard and reverted to your old habits
    you already fail off the wagon and chose not to talk about it
    you are abandoning the plan that you’ve done for ONLY a week to try another one
  • If you haven’t started a weight loss plan yet
    you are undecided about committing to a plan or ANY plan for that matter
    you are thinking “we are still in January and you have time
    you are stuck in still feeling bad and asking yourself “How in the world did I allow myself to gain so much weight.”
    no plan seems to be good enough because they are either too expensive or won’t work quickly enough

How bad do you really want this?

To answer this question, I’ll pick my favorite excuse “It’s too expensive.”    Picture a pair of shoes you saw online that you really, I mean really like.  You like it so much that you can’t stop looking at its picture online. It costs $250 and you are thinking “wow! they’re expensive but OMG they will look so good with my new red dress.”  My friend I promise you for the next couple of days,  every time you think about the price of those shoes you will come up with a way, in some cases extremely creative way of buying them.  I know I have a witness out there because even if you don’t have the money NOW, by the end of this week you will figure out a way to come up with $250 without breaking your wallet or using a credit card.  The more you think about how good those shoes will look on you, the more creative you get on your quest to get $250 ASAP.  Me, I will start selling everything I can on eBay except my husband and my son, I will look for old textbooks and try to get as much as I can on Amazon for them, I will even clean and do your laundry as long as you pay me for it.  I promise you that I am not joking because I have done some weird odd jobs for extra money, rest assured ALL LEGAL but hey “no stupid job, only stupid people yes?”.

So I ask you again “How Bad Do you Really Want This?” you will know when you replace all your excuses with creative plans to make it happen no matter what.  I leave you with this inspirational YouTube video.

Until next time, spread the love…

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My name is Webly, and I am a dreamer, wife, mom, geek in disguise, who discovered my passion for fitness, and reinvented myself after tipping the scale at 238 pounds. My goal is to help others live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, and get fit without the complicated fluff. I am also a national Fitness competitor, published athlete, and fitness model. Follow me @simplywebly and let's kick the weight out for good this time.


  1. I am pretty good about working out…. I did take some time off (had pnuemonia), but now am ready to get back into the swing of things!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Fashion Tools: Poses & ObsessionsMy Profile

  2. I stay away from weight loss plans so far because I just know myself all too well. I wouldn’t follow through. But the moment I make my mind and know it’s the time I will throw everything into it.

    But until then, it’s focusing elsewhere! =)

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