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Simple Tips For The Family to Be Healthy and Eat Clean

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eat cleanOn my last post with simple tips to start eating clean, Katrina left me a comment with a challenge, “What about moms who eat whatever they feed their little ones?”.  Well getting your kids to eat clean  can be a challenge if YOU want it to be.  Do you  find yourself eating anything your kids eat, you don’t feel good about eating them and it’s hard for you to loose weight? Then you need to change what your family is eating. If it’s not good for YOU, it’s not good for them either. It’s time to convert the entire family into fit clean eaters.

Converting them will require mom to make major changes around the house. With the alarming rate of child obesity, schools feeding our kids junk, having our family eat clean is imperative. You can accomplish this goal by making eating clean a teachable moment and fun time for your kids.

How to help your family eat clean

  1. Once in a while take them with you grocery shopping. Make grocery shopping a teachable moment for your kids and allow plenty of time at the store to do so.  Let them help you choose healthy food and when they choose something that is loaded with sugar for instance,  let them get used to the word NO.   Yes they will have a tantrum but when they get used to hearing NO for the right reasons, they will get over it. I know as parents we want to please our kids and give them everything that we never had. Give them the gift of health and  healthy habits now. Deal with the tantrum now because they adapt quickly at a young age. Your the boss right?
  2. Buy healthy food and snacks at the grocery store. It’s easier to say NO at the store. Once you bring junk food at home, you cannot expect to say NO and win the battle without a tantrum.  Be consistent, don’t buy the junk and avoid being tempted yourself.

  3. Eat your veggies and puree them for your kids. You want to eat your veggies and your kids absolutely hate them. Puree the veggies and add them to their whole wheat mac n cheese (made from scratch of course), add it to the mashed potatoes, chicken nugget batter. Load your lasagna and home made pizza with lean protein and vegetables.
  4. Vegetable purees can be added to almost every casserole you prepare for your family mixed with a low sodium sauce.

  5. On the go with the kids a lot, add Isagenix shakes and bars to your nutrition.
  6. One of the reasons I absolutely love Isagenix is that  the shakes  are SAFE for kids. One time I left my oatmeal pancakes in my son’s bag by mistake. He ate it and had diarrhea all day. They were made with a different brand of protein and I was mortified. Now I give him my Isalean shakes  which is perfectly fine for him.

    Isagenix is a lifestyle, not a diet.

  7. Reinvent you current recipes. If there is a favorite family recipe, there is no need to give it up for the sake of eating clean. Take that old recipe clean it by  reducing some calories, and eliminating all the fatty stuff .
  8. Take your old recipes and turn them into clean recipes with a few eat clean healthy swaps. Replace butter, cream, cheese and fatty meats with healthier alternatives.

  9. Do your workout while having fun with the kids. When my son was 6 months old and I had just decided to do something about my weighing 238 pounds, it was very hard for me to go to the gym considering that I was on maternity leave, my husband was working 80 hours a week and since I was home, we didn’t really need a babysitter. When he was sleeping, I used that time to do a quick 30 minutes workout at home. Now that he is a toddler, I make my workout from home a “mommy and me” time. A pedometer is a great tool to keep you active with your kids. Buy one, put it on, dance, play catch, or basketball with the kids.
  10. A pedometer can help you stay active. Aim at doing 10,000 steps every day, that’s close to 5 miles.

Getting your family to eat clean gives everyone more energy to spend quality time together. I hope those tips will help you and your family be healthier and eat clean. I only  have 1 child,  if anyone has some great tips they use to be healthier with their family , tell us what you do?

Until next time, spread the love…

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About SimplyWebly

My name is Webly, and I am a dreamer, wife, mom, geek in disguise, who discovered my passion for fitness, and reinvented myself after tipping the scale at 238 pounds. My goal is to help others live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, and get fit without the complicated fluff. I am also a national Fitness competitor, published athlete, and fitness model. Follow me @simplywebly and let's kick the weight out for good this time.


  1. It’s funny that in my home, it’s the opposite. My DD eats whatever Mommy {me} eats. One example is eating carrots which she recently announced she doesn’t like anymore. I started eating carrots a lot in front of her face and everytime I eat them, she eats them too and lots. I think that our influence plays a huge role, either in the kitchen or the lifestyle we live. Thank you for sharing your tips!

  2. Great ideas all! Have’t heard of Isageniz before. I’m going to check it out!

  3. Alexis of NorthOnHarper says:

    I like the idea of reinventing recpies… I don’t have kids, but that is something I can do for myself and my husband!

  4. This is all AWESOME advice! I am such a grazer – right off my kid’s plates. I try to fill them with mostly fruits and vegetables, but we eat our fair share of goodies :) Thanks for some great tips!

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