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Do You Have a Sabotaging Partner?

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Couple eating pizza

Let’s face it, when we decide to shed those extra pounds, get into the nice Victoria Secrets bathing suit we’ve been waiting to go on sale or simply feel good about ourselves, one person very close to us can get in the way with good intentions, our other half,  our partners.  We dodge the candy jars, free doughnuts, birthday and farewell cakes at work, to walk right into a mine field of temptations  at home.

Honey, I’ve got a surprise for you. Your favorite pie and this time I didn’t forget the ice cream.”

” Guess what kids, daddy bought pizza for dinner today.”

“I know you had a bad day today, I got something to cheer you up love, your favorite dessert.”

We try to resist, we ask our partner “what are you doing? “ for him to reply “Do you have a cheat day? Use it. Besides live a little baby, you only live once”. (Well you are not the one who has to try to squeeze into every jeans and lie on the bed to button it right?….. just saying). Sometimes you dodge the first couple of bullets but with time,  him showing up with the surprises or just buying something he really enjoys to eat it in front of you while the smell alone is screaming your name, blows your diet.

We make a lot of decisions with our partners: mortgage payments, rent, kids’ schools.  When it comes to us getting back into our skinny jeans, we are forced to declare war against the occasional temptation that walks through the door.  We are so eager to reach our goals that we don’t mind doubling our work in the kitchen preparing a meal for him and the kids, and something lighter for ourselves.  What’s a girl to do to get her man on board with her and giver her the skinny jeans support she needs?

For me I had to negotiate and do some black mailing. Yes, I resolved to black mailing my own husband. Let him look at the nice catalogs and if he likes something , I’ll simply tell him “keep bringing the desserts and pizza at home, you will never see me in this. Just don’t bring them home honey, that’s how you can support me.” So far it’s been working but I have to admit that he turned into a loan shark watching everything I eat because I have to pay up at some point.

That may work for me but I know that some guys are so threatened by the idea of their partners looking gorgeous and bootylicious, that they really go out of their way to SABOTAGE their efforts any chance they get by

  • bringing home something they know you like even when you ask them to spare you.
  • making comments like “I don’t see why you want to lose weight you look great like this.”
  • not helping out with the kids so you can get some ME time at the gym or just working out in the basement.

In Some cases, it can get pretty darn abusive. That would be a relationship problem that needs to be addressed first.  I am curious to know what you are doing ladies to turn your man from a sabotaging partner to a supportive one. Speak your mind and until next time

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My name is Webly, and I am a dreamer, wife, mom, geek in disguise, who discovered my passion for fitness, and reinvented myself after tipping the scale at 238 pounds. My goal is to help others live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, and get fit without the complicated fluff. I am also a national Fitness competitor, published athlete, and fitness model. Follow me @simplywebly and let's kick the weight out for good this time.


  1. I not only have a sabotaging partner, *but* 5 sabotaging children. 3 of them teenage boys, who can eat like teenage boys So frustrating!

  2. Branson says:

    Returning the visit from #comment hour, and really enjoyed this post. It can be so hard to go it alone, and even if your partner isn’t tempting you with treats, just not being interested or supportive is harmful too!

  3. Shawnnita says:

    Great Blog Webly! I’m looking forward to reading your posts on clean eating. Thanks for your post on my blog as well. She does have an amazing voice.


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