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Strength When You Fall Apart

There is not a person on planet earth that goes through life with absolutely no problems.  We all go through things, losing someone, losing a job, or losing yourself.  These losses when they happen feel devastating, but they are the ones that make us stronger and propel us from growth and better opportunities.

Over the past 4 years, between a roller coaster and my life, I don’t know which one would attract more riders at Universal Studios.  My life would, I’m wondering why I don’t have the funds that come with it? My roller coaster included loss of a best friend, betrayal, unexpected (high paying) employment layoff, cancer in the family, foreclosure, drama and more drama.  All those events would knock down anyone, but when the storm calm down, I grew stronger with a great respect for life.

Here are some of the lessons I learned through my roller coaster ride:

  1. You are not your past. – No matter how bad things were in the past, no matter how bad your mistake was, and no matter how bad someone treated you in the past, you are not what happened in the past.  The past is gone and today is  a new day, a clean canvas waiting for you to draw your future.  Who you are is who you think you are: a failure, stupid, incapable, not strong enough, not going to make it.  You are right.
  2. Dwell on what you have. –  We can get so absorbed with how bad our circumstance is that we dwell only on what we don’t have.  When you dwell on lack all the time, there is no room for creativity.  When you feel overwhelmed, like your dreams were beat out of you, hold on to the one POSITIVE thought that keeps you grounded.  The positive thought that keeps me grounded is

    Whatever my future holds, ONLY God has the power to give or take away from me. Do it afraid, HE will fight for you.

  3. It’s OK to fall apart for a moment. – We live in a society who loveeeessss perception. Perception is everything.  The problem in my opinion with that is the amount of lies we are fed in the name of perception.  If you go to your manager today and say ” I am losing my house, my husband is about to leave me and I have no idea how we will get out of this mess”, your manager hears something else ” she won’t be very productive, she will call in sick more often, I have to find someone to take over her work load, worst case scenario how do I get her to quit.”  No one likes people with problems and that’s why people lie and pretend everything is going GREAT.  It’s ok to cry and not pretend to be strong. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone so go ahead and cry if you need to. Besides it’s healthy to cry.  The sooner you get it out of your system, the sooner you will get your strength back to refocus.
  4. You hold the key to your happiness.-  You decide if you want to hold to old grudges, past offenses because time will fly with or without you.  FORGIVING is a choice and no matter how bad you’ve been wronged, you don’t forgive for the person who did you wrong to get a get out of jail free card. You forgive for you to let go of the baggage  to focus on better things.
  5. View every event as a life lesson.-  I remember somewhere in the middle of my roller coaster I couldn’t think of anything positive that could come out of my circumstances.  Well, when you are tired of being down, there is not much you can lose especially if you lost a lot, so there is only one way to go and it is UP.  Acknowledge the lesson you are learning which is one step closer to your true purpose.  Hold on to these lessons and never never never give up and find strength when you fall apart.

Until next time, spread the love….


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  1. After going through my own tough times, I think you are right on when you say it’s okay to cry. Crying is healthy. At the same time, like a quote I read once, don’t forget that you have to FIGHT for your happiness. As awful as it is to have to fight for something like that, it’s all too true. Don’t forget to fight for it!
    Nicole recently posted..Is That Someone Sneaking Into Our Pool?My Profile

  2. So true, I am strengthening my faith right now. Believing God ways are higher than mine.
    Candi recently posted..Weekend Recap – Cupcake and Wine Pairing and moreMy Profile

  3. This is great advice.  The stronger are those that seek their own happiness, and are able to tackle whatever is thrown their way head on.

    I feel as if I could have written this myself =)
    Jamie recently posted..Choosing the Camera for you!My Profile

  4. This past week I had the pleasure of hearing Isiah Thomas (the basketball legend) speak.  He made the point that experience, good or bad, is the best teacher—- very much in line with your 5th point!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Tulips and TeaMy Profile

  5. Excellent advice!  I’ve been through some traumatic times these past couple of years and really relate to this!
    Lisa Taylor recently posted..Monday Evening Gratitudes {4-16-12}My Profile

  6. Great advice! I can’t tell you how many times I have felt like my life was a roller coaster the one piece of advice that always helped me was that it was ok to fall apart. When I did take a few moments to fall apart & wallow in self pity I could than get up & figure out what needed to be done to clean up a mess or get off the coaster. 
    Alex @ Before The Baby Wakes recently posted..MorningsMy Profile

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