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What Disturbs You Enough To Change Now?

I recently spent a great amount of time talking to a friend about “Rationalization” in our society today. We spoke about how today instead of taking actions, most people have a story why they can’t get what they want in life and just get comfortable where they are.  If they are not comfortable, they either stay comfortable by moving from one story to another.  They simply give up and go through life daily with no real destination, no action plan, no purpose. They are  “getting by”, “hanging in there”, “had better days”.

Honesty today is a rare commodity even with ourselves. Rather than being honest with ourselves about what we are disgusted about in terms of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, we rationalize and sugar coat the truth,

  • “at least I still weigh less than I did last year.”
  • “it’s not that bad, I lost 40 pounds before, I can do it again, I know what to do.”
  • “my energy level is still great I only need to work on my eating habit.”]
  • “I’m not that fat, I am full-figured, I’ve got curves.”

The truth will give you freedom no matter how uncomfortable it is.

What is it that disturbs you today to the point that it hurts so much to drive you to change?

If you are not being your best at your weight loss plan, if you are holding on to your stories to rationalize why you are not, be honest with yourself now and get disturbed enough to change NOW.  We are so busy stuffing down what we are unhappy about that we sabotage ourselves.  If you are disgusted with your weight, get naked right now in front of a full length mirror,  and be honest about it.

“My butt is fat and it disturbs me when I put on something that I used to wear, the zipper won’t even go all the way up.”

Get so honest with yourself that it hurts, that it hurts enough for you to create a specific plan to change it.

What steps do you take to start changing NOW?  See you at the next blog!

Until next time, spread the love…

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